About jobs.sitesixteen.com

What is sitesixteen?

sitesixteen.com is an incubator for various projects build by the team at fossil studio, generally created to aid the web design and development community in their endeavors. When a project reaches maturity it is moved from its respective sub-domain to a permanant home. If you are a user of one of our incubator projects, fear not; We keep all existing data and accounts for our projects when they release, and you'll always be able to access it from the url you're used to.

What is jobs.sitesixteen?

.jobs (as we currently referring to it) is a way for web designers and developers based in the US to search every job posting on craigslist in the US simultaneously using an intuitive and intellegent interface. It's a very simple and rubust tool to streamline the currently arduous process of finding a job whether you want to relocate to somewhere near Los Angeles, or you are simply looking for all the telecommuting jobs on craigslist.

Are only jobs from craigslist avialable on .jobs?
Currently, yes. We currently only pull jobs from the web / info design section on craigslist. We will soon include jobs from the internet engineers, software / qa / dba and systems / network sections of craigslist as well
Why do I see "feature not yet implemented" pop up when I click on certain links?
The form and function of jobs.sitesixteen has been well thought out in preparation for what it will be when it is completed. In some cases we needed to set the form before the function, and it is in these cases you may come across a feature that is displayed on the site, but isn't yet mature enough to release. We will place a site-wide notice of what new features we have released when they are fully implemented.
How useful can it really be?
The original creator of .jobs built it to find his current career and it served him very well. He is now a User Experience Director at an $80m/yr. online retailer. His wish is to share the tool that brought him success with his peers. Thus jobs. was born.
What else is planned for jobs.sitesixteen?
The idea is to incorporate all known legitamate independant job boards into jobs. to provide a single stop on the way to gainful employment, whether that be a fullfilling career at an established organization, or a means to continue your independant success as a freelancer. We built the tool for you to use to your benefit.

It's free. Will it always be free?

If you're using a feature on this site, you will always be able to use it. We aren't going to get you hooked and then start charging you down the road. It may be good business, but it's just bad form. If there's a way we can add value for fair compensation, we'll explore that opportunity when the time comes.

Google is famouse for their motto of don't be evil. We prefer don't be a dick.